Welcome at our 3MS Software

One of the many reasons you will benefit from by working with us is that we manage proactively, with a commitment level as if the projects are our own. At times we may even challenge the way you think about the development of innovative software solutions becauseour primary objective is always to arrive at that perfect blend between highly functional technologies and enhanced user experience. More than eight years of successful projects for top clients from around the world prove that we are a trusted resource and a reliable partner. Our team is the right fit for executing large projects, while remaining agile at the same time. Our developers are highly trained and experienced at a variety of technologies, including .NET, PHP, Java, HTML5, iPhone and Android among others. Teamwork and passion for what we do are the keys of our everyday successes. We believe that every great software product starts with assembling a great team. If you are looking for a business partner that can quickly incorporate your requirements, deploy a talented team and obtain the high caliber results you need, then you have found the right team. Please contact us to discuss your goals and objectives.

Great office environment

People spend a lot of time working, that’s why coming to an office should be something they can enjoy. We encourage and contribute on a daily basis to create a cool environment.

Innovation + Creativity

Bringing creative solution to the clients using cutting-edge technologies is one of our everyday goals, that’s why we encourage brainstorming and in-house creativity activities.


Everything we do is based on the effort of our teams and the synergy we generate by working together. This is a cornerstone of our success.

Tech & Methodologies training

To improve your skills, to learn new technologies, to incorporate new methodologies and to support the career plans, we have training sessions every month, taken and given by our own people.

Flexible hours + Home office

Working from 9 to 6 is not efficient for every job. We have flexible working hours that allow our people to be productive at any time.

Career plans

We want to see our people growing, developing as professionals and improving their skills. We have career plans that allow them to make their own path.